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College Savings Accounts

To participate in the Game-a-thon, your child will need a college savings account for deposit of his earned funds.

At any time during the Game-a-thon, you will be able to designate the college savings account where you would like to have your child's earned pledges and match funds deposited. They may be deposited into any existing account, such as a 529 College Savings Plan, an Education Savings Account (ESA), a UTMA Custodial Account (trust) or any other savings account. All we need is for you to input, before the completion of the Game-a-thon, the routing number and the account number to send the funds.

If your child does not already have a specific college savings plan or savings account, you will need to open one before the end of the Game-a-thon to deposit the money your child earns. If you would like to open one quickly, please see the links below to either open an online savings account with Ally Bank or to learn more about 529 Plans through our partner Saving For College.

Ally Bank is one of many online options to create a savings account. Ally is just a simple to use suggestion from us, but feel free to talk to your current bank provider about the best option. Savings For College is the #1 online source for researching college savings accounts.

Crowdfunding for College!   Kids earn funds from their family's social network!

icon Customize your college savings fundraising page

icon Request pledges from family and friends

icon Receive pledges linked to math games

icon Play games online to trigger pledges

icon Grow your campaign using social media

icon Collect funds in your college savings account