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How It Works

The College Savings Game-a-thon makes it easy for friends and relatives to send earned pledges directly to your child's college savings account. Your child can start raising money for college in minutes. Sign up today to help them build a homepage for their college fundraising campaign.

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Step 1: Create A Personal Pledge Page

Once you have signed up, the first step is to help your child create a Pledge Page. The Pledge Page serves as the homepage for your child's fundraising campaign. Your child can pick a fun profile picture, answer a few simple questions and the system will create the page. This personalized Pledge Page helps your child share their story and connect with friends and family in your social network, even if they may have not seen your child recently.

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Step 2: Ask Friends and Family for Pledges

It's easy for your child to share the campaign! The Game-a-thon will create a customized message to help your child ask friends and family for their support and pledges. They can include a personal note, and share the pledge request via email, text, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to pledging, your friends and family and all of their friends can help by sharing the campaign on social media. Pledge sponsors make pledges based on playing the educational math game TiViTz. Kids can earn money for college and learn math at the same time. Pledge sponsors can feel good about giving funds to a child who is serious about school now and in the future.

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Step 3: Earn Extra Money Through Matches

Children who participate in the TiViTz College $avings Game-a-thon can also earn matching pledges from generous sponsor corporations and organizations! Pledge matches are based on requirements set by the match sponsor that range from fundraising performance to game play results to geography to demographics. The software tracks the earning of all pledge matches and directs the funds to your child's college savings account.

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Step 4: Earn and Learn! Play TiViTz Math Games

Have fun, earn pledges and learn math at the same time! Your child can start playing online TiViTz games at any time during the Game-a-thon to begin triggering pledges. Once your child has completed the required number of games, pledge sponsors will receive an email containing a proof-of-play report and a link for pledge payment that can be paid online or on a smartphone.

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Step 5: Track Your College Savings Progress

The Game-a-thon gives your child a custom dashboard to help build momentum for their campaign. Track responses to pledge requests and see who has or has not made or paid their pledges. Although it is not required, your child can grow their campaign by sending reminders, resending pledge requests and monitoring pledge payments. Watch as your child's college savings account grows!

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Step 6: Designate A Savings Account

Your child's earned pledges are paid directly into the account of your choice. You can use any existing account for the Game-a-thon, or create a new one. All the system needs is the routing number and account number of where to send the funds. You can use a 529 College Savings Plan, Education Savings Account (ESA), UTMA Custodial Account, existing savings account, or open an account with one of our partners. You must designate an account by the end of the Game-a-thon to deposit your pledges.

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Crowdfunding for College!   Kids earn funds from their family's social network!

icon Customize your college savings fundraising page

icon Request pledges from family and friends

icon Receive pledges linked to math games

icon Play games online to trigger pledges

icon Grow your campaign using social media

icon Collect funds in your college savings account